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2014 / 2015 Antivirus Software Reviews

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    VIPRE Antivirus 2014 Box
    Score: 96%
    Orig Price: $39.99
    w/Discount: $29.99
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    VIPRE Antivirus 2014

    Overall Score: 96%
    Includes Free Upgrade to VIPRE 2015
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    The Case for VIPRE
    • In business 22 years (1992)
    • Excellent realtime protection
    • Low resource usage
    • Best technical support
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    2014 Editor's Choice Award

    by Kevin R. Smith, Co-Editor
    VIPRE Antivirus excels in every area that counts, but it's not perfect.

    For starters, the interface lags behind its competitors with a basic color scheme and dated inner windows.

    Although not as fancy looking as some competitors, VIPRE Antivirus did deliver both the best real-time malware protection and best technical support, doing both at an affordable price tag.

    Next, installing VIPRE is easy though it takes longer to install than some competitors. Installation takes longer because it's one of the few programs that does a pre-installation virus scan.

    This is good justification for its slower installation.

    Once installed, its performance was excellent, with VIPRE coming in first in almost every speed and load test category we ran.

    All-in-all, here's what we liked most about VIPRE:
    1. easy to install
    2. best virus prevention
    3. excellent tech support

    4. That's why VIPRE Antivirus wins our Editor's Choice Award for the fourth year in a row: it works.
      Virus & Spyware Protection: 96%
      Though the previous version performed extremely well, this year's version both scans faster and has better detection rates. It detected 96% of the test samples we used and blocked just over 97% of our exploit attempts with its real-time antivirus detection

      Our results mirrored what other independent test labs saw, including:
      • VB Bulletin
      • WestCoast Labs
      • Malware Research Group
      • AV-Test
      • ICSA
      • AV-Comparatives
      Resource Usage: 98%
      VIPRE Antivirus 2014
      VIPRE Box
      Score: 96%
      Orig Price: $39.99
      w/Discount: $29.99
      What you'll most likely notice first about VIPRE, as we did, is that it doesn't make your web browser grind to a halt like some programs do.

      It does its job but stays out of the way.

      In deeper testing, we saw VIPRE added no noticeable drag to our test PCs. CPU and memory used were both very low.

      During manual full-system scans, most CPU peaks averaged in the 65% range, memory increased about 33% compared to the idle systems. Both very acceptable.
      User Interface: 98%
      The VIPRE interface has been around for several years now, which is a mixed blessing.

      On the plus side, since it doesn't change much each year, their loyal customers and their tech support people don't need to relearn the program with each new version.

      We also have to give the interface praise for its responsiveness. It's easily the fastest software in responding to your mouse clicks, which everyone likes.

      For this version, the interface has been updated to be more Windows 8-ish looking. Fine, makes sense.

      In spite of those updates, the interface is starting to show its age with things like its use of old school windows check boxes.

      Even still, it's hard to fault a product that does what its supposed to do as well as VIPRE does.
      Technical Support: 100%
      Taking the smart approach that good tech support equals happy customers, VIPRE has made it to the top of our list since we started reviewing it four years ago.

      The best part: it's all free, even for phone support or virus removal. (Avira is the only other company to offer free virus removal; everyone else charges hefty fees, like $99 for virus removal with Norton Antivirus.)

      Tech support help links are built into VIPRE's interface, and their phone number is on their homepage.

      It adds up to one thing: getting help—good help—for VIPRE is about as easy as you can make it.
      Antivirus Updates: 97%
      VIPRE Antivirus 2014
      VIPRE Box
      Score: 96%
      Orig Price: $39.99
      w/Discount: $29.99
      Since updates are downloaded during installation, it's one of the few programs that gives immediate protection. Future updates are downloaded hourly and upon reboot.

      Full update controls are also included, which is rare and which can let you know that updates are actually happening as expected.
      Extra Features
      VIPRE Antivirus includes several useful extra features including: History Cleaner, Secure File Eraser, PC Explorer, and the new Social Watch.

      Extra Feature:
      PC Explorer: 94%
      This feature lets you view any tasks or programs that are running in an easy to read format. VIPRE will help you identify any processes that might be suspicious or even hazardous.

      Extra Feature:
      Secure File Eraser: 98%
      When you delete a file on your computer, it's not entirely deleted. Malicious software could still recover sensitive information from your hard drive. Secure File Eraser permanently shreds any evidence of that file. You can even add this feature to your right-click menu for easy access.

      Extra Feature:
      History Cleaner: 96%
      Not only will this securely erase browsing and search data from all your browsers, it will erase cookies, temp files, and even recent file lists from other applications like Windows Media player and more.

      Extra Feature:
      Social Watch (NEW): 91%
      Scan your Facebook news feed for malicious links. There have been many reports of hijacked Facebook accounts posing as your friends but posting links to viruses or other malware. This scanning feature is a welcome addition to VIPRE Antivirus.

      Conclusion - Overall Score: 96 %
      VIPRE Antivirus 2014
      VIPRE Box
      Score: 96%
      Orig Price: $39.99
      w/Discount: $29.99
      We've awarded our Editor's Choice award to VIPRE Antivirus for the fifth straight year for a reason: it works. From outstanding virus detection, to virus removal, to real-time virus blocking, VIPRE outperformed the competition this year... all without slowing down your PC.

      And, unlike with most competitors, you even get free tech support, including free virus removal. That's extremely rare in the antivirus world.

      Even though VIPRE doesn't offer a lot of extra features (like "Gamer Mode," for instance), it makes up for it where it matters most: speed, accuracy, and reliability.

      Sure, the user interface isn't as slick and modern as some of its competitors, but it's very easy to use and straight to the point. Bottom line: VIPRE gives you the confidence that your PC is protected.

      Our top pick and Editors Choice this year.
    Technical Details
    Min RAM:
    Min Space:
    Win XP,Vista,7,8,8.1
    30 Days
    ThreatTrack Security (formerly GFI)
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