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2014 / 2015 Antivirus Software Reviews

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    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software 2015 Box
    Score: 85%
    Price: $39.95
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    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software 2015

    Overall Score: 85%
    The Case for Kaspersky
    • In business since 1997(17 Years)
    • Renowned team of securirty/virus researchers
    • Consistent performer in our tests since '06
    • Excellent both at virus prevention and removal
    • 14-day money back guarantee

    by Kevin R. Smith, Co-Editor
    Kaspersky has always been a strong, solid contender in the realm of antivirus software. It's not that they've slipped behind, but other antivirus products have gotten better. That's why Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 moves down our list a bit to the middle.

    On the plus side, Kaspersky still have very strong basic protection against viruses. Their testing labs continue to be just as effective as always. Then why are we not ranking them high on our list this year?

    We assess the entire product as a whole: from virus protection, to ease-of-use, to technical support, to overall value. Kaspersky doesn't make the grade when all of these factors come together.

    Kaspersky is still a viable product, just not as good overall when compared to other antivirus software products.
    Virus & Spyware Protection: 90%
    Kaspersky's strong suit is definitely its antivirus protection, thanks to their top-notch research lab.

    In our tests, Kaspersky's blocked over 95% of new threats, and when it did clear warnings were provided.

    It did struggle to remove some threats other products cleaned the first time through. And, its antiphishing feature wasn't terribly effective.
    Resource Usage: 81%
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software 2015
    Kaspersky Box
    Score: 85%
    Price: $39.95
    Resource usage was average for real-time protection, but on the high side for manual scans. CPU usage was low, 1%, with memory usage around 59%.

    Web browsing wasn't impacted much, except when Kaspersky was actively fighting a threat.

    During manual scans, CPU use averaged 88% with memory usage around 85%. A little high, but still in the acceptable range.
    User Interface: 90%
    Kaspersky's user interface is one of its weaker points. On one hand, it's simple and straightforward, with easy icons to navigate to each section. But on the other hand, some of the links open a separate window leaving it unclear as to what needs to be done.

    In our opinion, keeping everything in one contained window, with a standard navigation (on the left side, for instance) keeps everything orderly and easy to use.

    Plus, adding some clearly marked buttons to "fix" any issues that may arise would be helpful. Kaspersky Anti-Virus doesn't always make that clear—which leaves it behind their competitors in this area.

    Bottom line: their user interface is average, but needs more attention to detail.
    Technical Support: 70%
    Kaspersky's support for Anti-Virus 2015 is extremely disappointing.

    For starters, the support link on the user interface opens up the typical options, such as FAQs and a forums. Fine, but there's no option to directly contact Kaspersky from here. We needed to go and find their support page on their site ourselves.

    There we found a confusing loop of options leading us to a vast array of self-help options. All fine and good, but if you want to contact a real person directly, Kaspersky makes it a little difficult. Not acceptable in our book.

    After a while, we did find a US contact page, but were left with the impression that technical support was not a high priority for Kaspersky.
    Extra Features
    Kaspersky excels with well-executed and useful extra features.

    Extra Feature:
    Gamer Mode: 98%
    For uninterrupted gaming. Not a major feature for most people, but if you're a serious video game player, this is a big help.

    Extra Feature:
    Automatic Exploit Prevention: 96%
    Automatic Exploit Prevention addresses viruses that use Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat/Reader by making sure security patches for these programs are up to date. While it's not perfect since it can't check for all updates to all software, it's still a great feature whose praises we can't sing loudly enough. Every antivirus software should have this feature.

    Conclusion - Overall Score: 85 %
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software 2015
    Kaspersky Box
    Score: 85%
    Price: $39.95
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 still holds its own when it comes to strong, basic, antivirus protection. The company still puts a premium on core protection. However, other factors such as the user interface, resource usage, and technical support really drag down the software this year.

    When other antivirus products have moved to free, or at least easier tech support options, Kaspersky remains in the dark-ages with self-help pages and not direct contact options. We found it more difficult than necessary to get a real person on the phone. Even then, you don't know what kind of support you're going to get.

    They've made great improvements with their user interface (especially some disturbing bugs in previous versions), but still need to re-think how people actually use the software, not just give it a pretty look.

    We can commend Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 for solid, antivirus protection, but we can't recommend the product as a whole. There are better options out there.

    Technical Details
    Min RAM:
    Min Space:
    Win XP,Vista,7,8,8.1
    14 Days
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